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Links to Other Loach Websites

by admin last modified Nov 30, 2008 01:29 PM


Coppermine Loach Gallery

Public loach photo gallery - view other people's photos, and share your own with the world!

Bob's Loach Gallery

Extensive photo galleries of Bob's botia and hillstream loaches.

CassiDietsch Loach Reference Page

A good collection of articles, the Loach "name game", and a photo gallery.

Ophir's Loach Website

Loach photos and articles Mike has written

The Cichlid Scene

Although devoted to New World Cichlids and Large Aquaria (with an outstanding collection of photos, videos, and experiences), the Gallery and Video sections of this site also have a large collection of Clown Loach material.

Anette and Klaus Grønhøj's Fish Page

An outstanding fish photo gallery covering Plecos and Loaches.


Schmerlen (For German readers)



 Andreas S. Kinast's excellent, and highly respected German-based Loach site.


Dictionary of Ichthyology



Brian W. Coad and Don E. McAllister's excellent Dictionary of Ichthyological terms helps to find the meaning for that unusual term you read. Thailand Nature Explorer



Absolutely stunning site on the nature of Thailand. Much is in the Thai language, but there are English pages. A multitude of beautiful images of expeditions into the beautiful scenery of Thailand. Lots of Loach pictures and Biotope pictures.


Heaven on Earth - Borneo



Enough incredible photographs here to keep you busy for days. Michael "Jungle Mike" Lo's outstanding site dedicated to the beauties of Borneo. Lots of fish pictures, Loaches and great Biotope pictures.


Sundaland Fishes



Natural habitats of SE Asian aquarium fish, by Antti Vourela. Lots of beautiful pictures of Loaches and other fish, also Biotopes.  Mainly Borneo and Malaysia, but some from West Bengal, India.


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