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Loach Species Index

by Martin Thoene last modified Mar 03, 2007 03:13 PM
Welcome to our species information search facility

Yasuhikotakia sidthimunki - Animated gif
Pseudogastromyzon cheni -Animated gif
Somileptes gongota - Animated gif
Schistura - Animated gif
Sewellia lineolata as an animated gif
Botia striata - Animated gif

Bamboo cane, horizontal (no leaves)

Botia unknown01 - Juvenile
Cobitis granoieGastromyzon scitulus
Homaloptera confuzonaIksookimia koreensisLeptobotia taeniopsPangio myersi
Syncrossus berdmorei 

Alphabetical Species List >

Species are arranged alphabetically by scientific name. Commonly used names are also included, but not alphabetically. These are a less reliable method for finding information on a given species.

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Pictorial Species Search >

Starting with basic body shape, this system allows you to home in on a particular species profile or at least find similar fish which probably have the same aquarium requirements.

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Yasuhikotakia modestaYasuhikotakia sidthimunkiYunnanilus brevisVanmanenia hainanensisTraccatichthys pulcherSyncrossus helodesBotia kubotai
Gastromyzon ocellatus - Two males fighting

Bamboo cane, horizontal (no leaves)

Clown Loach Logo - Animated

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