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Pictorial Species Index - Body shape Pictures.

by Martin Thoene last modified May 20, 2007 06:49 PM
An alternative way of identifying a fish and getting information about its care.
Bamboo cane, horizontal (no leaves)

Sometimes you'll see a fish in a shop that you don't know the name of. Or the shop may not know and have received the fish under some fancy "trade" name. Quite often odd species come in mixed with other known species.

This index is arranged with pictures to hopefully allow you to home in on the species, or at least find one similar so that you can know what aquarium conditions will likely suit it.

If you click on the text next to the picture most similar in shape to the fish you wish to identify it will take you through a series of stages to hopefully find the correct Species Profile.

Bamboo cane, horizontal (no leaves)

Index 1Deeper-bodied Botiine type loach
Index 7Longer-bodied Botiine loach
 Index51Long-bodied Botiine loach with shorter nose to eye length. Fleshy lips and larger mouth than most Botia.
Index 8Very elongated body Botiine loach
 Index 15Elongate body. Pronounced sucker mouth
 Index 16 Very pronounced and tall dorsal fin
 Index 17Sucker-type rasping mouth with small barbels
Large Pectoral and pelvic fins
Quite high dorsal fin
Fins spread when at rest

 NemacheilineElongated body, roundish head, prominent barbels
Hops across bottom in short swimming action.

 Index 26More elongate than above, roundish head, prominent barbels
Hops across bottom in short swimming action.
Elongate body. Gently sloping head with small barbels.
Very large Pectoral fins and large pelvic fins.

 Sucker Bodied HillstreamLaterally compressed. Large rounded head. Whole under-body formed into a suction device. Large rounded fins often overlapping. Whole fish tear-drop shaped when viewed from above.
Will often sit in a shop tank stuck to aquarium glass with  dorsal fin and tail closed up.
 Index33Elongate with very long nose
 Index34Elongate with large head. Eyes set high on head, turned down mouth, small barbels. May be buried in substrate.

Bamboo cane, horizontal (no leaves)

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