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Disease Treatments For Hillstream Loaches

by Martin Thoene last modified Dec 10, 2006 02:01 AM
Article covering "Patchy Disease" which aflicts particularly Sucker-bodied Hillstream Loaches.

Originally posted:  February 24th, 2002

Beaufortia kweichowensis suffereing from "Patchy Disease"If you've noticed in some of my posts lately, I've had a deadly disease wipe out several of my prized hillstreams. The disease was brought in on an unquarantined fish. The symptoms are patchy color loss, and will often include rapid breathing. Death is usually very swift from the onset of symptoms. Sometimes a fish can seem healthy and feeding, only to be dead in a few hours.

Other hillstream owners have experienced similar deaths. 

Since these fish are so sensitive to introduced chemicals, I was at odds as what to do. I finally found success by using Maryacyn-Two (minocycline) and Marycyn (Erythromycin) concurrently. I initially started with a lighter than recommended dose to check the fishes response. They seemed un-phased, so I increased to the full recommended dosage. After the first five day treatment, the fish were still patchy, but were feeding well. I then extended the treatment 5 more days, to the maximum recommended total treatment time of 10 days. At the beginning of the second treatment period, the patchy color didn't spread, but the color of the patches got even lighter. Then, suddenly, in a couple of more days, it started fading and the fishes appetites really kicked into overdrive. Yesterday was the last day of treatment, and the fish look much much better. I hope this helps other hillstreams owners to save these valuable fish.

Jim Powers.


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