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Frequently Asked Questions

by Jeff Shafer last modified Nov 08, 2006 02:22 AM

What is the Community Edition?

The Community Edition of Loaches Online is a major upgrade of two things:
  • The quality of Loach information, based on the personal experience and knowledge of dedicated members of the Loach Forum. There will be all-new species pages with detailed information, new photos, revised and updated articles on loach care, and much more!
  • The technical underpinnings of the site, as our new software allows a team of moderators to actively create and grow the site via the web with no programming experience.

What will happen to the original Loaches Online?

Both the Community Edition and the original Loaches Online websites will continue to exist for the next several months (at least!) as the moderators work to move and update pages with the latest information. Eventually, though, the old site will be deleted and the Community Edition will be the Loaches Online of the future!

While the transition occurs, you should search for information at both the original site and the community center, but this site will be the most up-to-date.

What can I do here?

In the short term while the site is under construction, visitors can post comments on pages such as the Loach species descriptions and other articles. (The Loach Forums will always be running and very active, of course!). Beyond the short term, frequent visitors could request a free upgrade of their account and would be able to upload photos and information to their own section of Loaches Online. If your contributions are valuable to the community, the moderators can move it to the main site where everyone can benefit from your experience. Perhaps, if you're a contributing member, we might even make you a moderator too and let you edit any page!

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