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Clown Loaches With Unusual Finnage

by Martin Thoene last modified Sep 02, 2007 09:39 PM
Pictures of unusual fish.

Just as with some Clown Loaches having markings that depart from the "norm", once in a while weird anomalies may be found with the fins.

Occasionally, a fish's fins may get damaged and the fin rays grow back different than normal. However it seems that Chris Lloyd's (Midman) fish below just grew the strange extended rays in the upper lobe of the caudal fin.

Clown Loach with unusual ray growth in Caudal Fin.

In all other respects this fish appears completely "normal", even having the standard Clown striping.

Many species of fish have been bred selectively over the years to produce "fancy" varieties with fins vastly elongated from the norm. The classic example would be fancy goldfish. In recent years there has been a visible increase in the number of species being bred with such features. The reaction of fish-keepers tends to be in two camps.
They either like the aesthetics of the fish or they are strongly against changing the species' natural development. This negative opinion tends to be strongest where a strongly athletic, fast-swimming species is bred with large fins that actually inhibit it's natural swimming mode.

Natural sports may occur and we are told by Sam, the owner of the fish below, that this fish is a unique specimen and not part of some selective breeding program. Clowns are notoriously difficult to breed other than by hormonal induction and "stripping" of spawn and sperm such as used in commercial Trout breeding. The specimen below is a natural "sport" that just appeared.

As regards any disability caused by the extra long fins, Sam assures that this fish has no difficulty swimming and is just as hard to catch as other Clowns.

Long-finned Clown Loach

As can be seen, all this fish's fins are elongated. Plus, it has an extra spot marking on either side.

Long-finned Clown Loach

Opinions on this fish will naturally be divided between purists and those who just find it attractive.

Long-finned Clown Loach

As it grows it is possible the fins may elongate further.

If you have a Clown Loach or any other loach that has unusual fins or other features we would love to see pictures of it and maybe add them to this page. Please contact a member of the Moderation Team.

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