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Magazine Articles Featuring Loaches

by Martin Thoene last modified Aug 09, 2009 06:31 PM

Practical Fishkeeping: Cheeky Little Monkeys


Practical Fishkeeping: Focus on Loaches

  • Text and photos by Emma Turner
  • Issue 10, October 2008
  • Think of loaches. Think of clowns. Yet that ignores many other suitable candidates that can enrich your hobby. This 7 page article details a whole host of loach species from several different families.


Practical Fishkeeping: The Right Way to Keep Clown Loaches

  • Text and photos by Emma Turner
  • Issue 5, May 2008
  • Providing for fish that grow large is serious business. The article covers setting up and maintaining an aquarium dedicated to these botiid giants.


Aquarium Fish Magazine: Keep & Breed the Hillstream Loach

Tropical World Magazine: Under Pressure 

  • Text and photos by Emma Turner
  • Issue 12, 2006
  • Covers care of the Weather Loach or Dojo Loach (Misgurnus anguillicaudatus).


Tropical World Magazine: Going With The Flow


  • Emma Turner with photos by Martin Thoene and Hendra Budianto
  • Issue 11, 2006
  • Covers setting up a Hillstream Loach tank, behaviour, feeding, etc.

Tropical World Magazine: Bonnie Botia


Tropical World Magazine: Now You See Me - Now You Don't

  • Text by David Marshall with photographs by Graeme Robson, Kevin A. Webb, and Richard Freeman
  • Issue 4, Oct/Nov 2004
  • A guide to keeping kuhli loaches with details of breeding habits.


Tropical World Magazine: Old Favourite - New Name

  • Text by David Marshall with photographs by Kevin A. Webb
  • Issue 2, June/July 2004
  • Article on Clown Loach nomenclature change, plus tips on how aquarists might go about breeding this species.

AQUA Magazine : Hillstream Loaches - The Specialists at Life In The Fast Lane

Cover feature and article

  • Translated into Thai by Nonn Panitvong from the article by Martin Thoene. Text and photos by Martin Thoene with additional photos by Nonn Panitvong.
  • Vol.3 #30
  • AQUA magazine is published in Bangkok, ISSN 1685-5191
  • Updated article here


Practical Fishkeeping : Beautiful Botias

  • Text by Matt Clarke
  • September 2004/Issue 9
  • Information on keeping many Botiine species plus comments on new taxonomy.

Practical Fishkeeping : The 10 Most Popular Loaches

  • March-April 2003
  • Each loach came with a picture and some info including price, size, diet, and temperature:
    • Pygmy chain loach (botia sidthimunki)
    • Clown loach (botia macracanthus)
    • Queen loach (botia dario)
    • Sucking loach (Gyrinocheilus aymonieri)
    • Black Striped loach (botia nigrolieata)
    • Khuli loach (pangio spp.)
    • Zebra loach (botia striata)
    • Skunk loach (botia morleti)
    • Yo-Yo loach (botia lohachata)
    • Orange finned loach (botia modesta)

Freshwater And Marine Aquaria (FAMA): Oxygen - The Key To Success With Hillstreams Part 1

  • by Martin Thoene and Jim Powers
  • November 2002
  • Covers Hillstream requirements in aquaria and breeding Liniparhomaloptera disparis

Freshwater And Marine Aquaria (FAMA): Oxygen - The Key To Success With Hillstreams Part 2

  • by Martin Thoene and Jim Powers
  • December 2002
  • Breeding Liniparhomaloptera disparis


Tropical Fish Hobbyist (TFH): Botia sidthimunki

  • by Jurgen Schmidt
  • August 2001


FAMA (Freshwater and Marine Aquarium Magazine) : Physical Characteristics between B. Rostrata, B. Histrionica, and B. Lohachata

  • by Michael Ophir
  • January 2001


Aquarium Fish Magazine: The Botias

  • by Michael Ophir
  • September 2000


Tropical Fish Hobbyist (TFH): Clown Loaches

  • by David Burochowitz
  • August 2000


Tropical Fish Hobbyist (TFH): Hill Stream Loaches

  • by Frank M. Greco
  • May 2000


Aquarium Fish Magazine: The Loaches

  • by John Dawes
  • August 1999
  • Loaches covered: Kuhli, Myer's, or slimy loach (Acanthophthalmus (Pangio) myersi), Horse-faced or longnose loach (Acanthopsis choirorynchus), Clown loach, Chain or dwarf loach (Botia sidthimunki), Chinese algae eater or sucking loach (Gyrinocheilus aymonieri), and Japanese, weather, or Dojo loach (Misgurnus anguillicaudatus).


Tropical Fish Hobbyist (TFH): BOTIA

Aquarium Fish Magazine : Popular Tropical Fish (Part 8)

  • by Linda Lewis
  • March 1999 - pages 68-72
  • The author covers the kuhli loach, clown loach, Orange-Finned Loach (Botia modesta), Dwarf Loach (Botia sidthimunki), and Weather Loach (Misgurnus fossilis). Large color photos are provided, along with a beginners rating on a scale of 1-10.

Tropical Fish Hobbyist

  • December 1996 - p.12
  • Covers Botias

Aquarium Fish Magazine

  • March 1996 - p.12
  • Covers Kuhlii loach care and a spawning...

Practical Fishkeeping : You CAN breed Clown Loaches

Practical Fishkeeping : Stripes Are In!

  • by Granville Hammond of Devon Discus
  • January 1996 - 2 pages
  • The author covers....

Tropical Fish Hobbyist: Botia macracanthus: The Enigmatic Clown Loach

  • Article and photos by Bob Allen
  • August 1994, pp 14-24.
  • It shows the suboccular spines on a Clown Loach. (photo scanned by Tankbert)

Tropical Fish Hobbyist

  • November 1992 - p.82
  • Covers Kuhli loach care and breeding...

Aquarium Fish Magazine

  • November 1992 - p.32
  • Several species of Botia covered...

Tropical Fish Hobbyist

  • June 1992 - p.30
  • Covers Skunk Loaches,  Yasuhikotakia (Botia) morleti

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