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Iksookimia pumila

by Martin Thoene last modified Nov 13, 2006 11:21 PM


Scientific name: Iksookimia pumila (Kim & Lee 1987 )

Common name: Sandy Korean Loach

Synonyms: Cobitis koreenis pumilis

Distribution: South-western Korea

Sexual Dimorphism: Not known

Maximum size: 5 inches (13cm)

Similar to: Other Cobitis

Iksookimia pumila

Care: Lives in fast streams over sandy substrates. The aquarium should aim to match these conditions with good filtration and some flow. Subdued lighting.

Feeding: Feeds on insects in wild. Will eat most proprietry aquarium foods, supplemented live and frozen foods.

Water parameters: pH: 7.0 - 7.7. Hardness: Medium. Max dh: 12

Temperature: 64.4- 72ºF (18-22 °C).

Breeding: Not bred in aquaria


Lives in clear streams and is considered a threatened species.

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