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Leptobotia elongata

by Martin Thoene last modified Nov 14, 2006 01:13 AM


Scientific name: Leptobotia elongata (Bleeker, 1870)

Common name: Royal Clown Loach, Elongate Loach, Queen Loach

Synonyms: Botia elongata, Cobitis variegata, Botia citrauratea

Distribution: Middle and upper reaches of the Yangtze River, China.

Sexual Dimorphism: Not known.

Maximum size: 20 inches (50cm)

Similar to: Other Leptobotia

Leptobotia elongata

Care: This family of fish are sub-tropical and live in fast to medium flow streams throughout China. They therefore appreciate current in their aquarium, good aeration and filtration.

Very large aquaria required.

Feeding: Easy to feed. Eagerly accepts all proprietary aquarium foods. Needs bulkier foods as it grows, such as feeder fish, larger frozen foods such as shrimp, sliced fish.

Water parameters: pH: 7.0- 8.0 . Hardness: Medium . Max dh: 12

Temperature: 68ºF to 75ºF (20-23.8°C)

Breeding: Not bred in aquaria. Spawn from March to May in the wild, and the roe is viscous and sticks to rocks.


Most of this family like to hide under rocks, so their aquarium should be furnished with lots of large pebbles and flat pieces of slate or other inert rock to provide multiple places for the fish to hide and provide security.

Leptobotia generally get quite large and have large mouths, but this species is the real giant. It can reach as much as 3kg in weight in the wild and is fast-growing. They should therefore be kept only with suitably sized fish as anything small will be eaten. Owners have reported the fish literally just sucking in feeder goldfish. Otherwize peaceful.

Leptobotia elongata

The markings on this species are highly variable with no two fish being identical.

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