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Nemacheilus selangoricus

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Nemacheilus selangoricus

Scientific name: Nemacheilus selangoricus (Duncker, 1904)

Common name: Kuiper's Loach, Fighting Loach

Synonyms: Nemachilus selangoricus, Nemacheilus kuiperi

Distribution: Malay Peninsula from Trang in Thailand to Singapore, Sabah in North Borneo and Belitung Island, also Indonesia.

Sexual Dimorphism: Not known

Maximum size: 2.25 inches (6 cm)

Similar to: Other Nemacheilus

Care: The aquarium should have a decent flow rate and be well-oxygenated. A substrate of fine sand to allow digging and lots of smooth rounded pebbles and numerous shelters such as bogwood and slate. Reasonably bright lighting to simulate the shallow stream beds in which they are found.

Feeding: Most foods accepted. Commercial sinking formulations and bottom-dwelling live-foods. Frozen foods such as Bloodworm, Brine shrimp, Daphnia, Cylops. Very greedy and several will indulge in a feeding "frenzy".

Water parameters: pH: 6.0-7.5 Hardness: Soft-medium Max dh: 12

Temperature: 71.6ºF to 78.8 ºF (22-26°C)

Breeding: None reported in aquarium

Nemacheilus selangoricus - with faded stripes

N. selangoricus with faded stripes
Credit: Brian Lynch


This is a relatively peaceful loach, but is reported as participating in fights with its own kind. They will live reasonably peacefully with one another, but defend a chosen niche in the rockwork. Sometimes fish will lay side by side and engage in a kind of tail-slapping, body banging type of fighting. Basically a trial of strength. A German website even mentions that there are a series of scales above and below the lateral line on the caudal peduncle that swell when two do battle. A lively and entertaining fish possessing remarkable agility and speed.

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