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Nemachelius binotatus

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Nemachelius binotatus

Scientific name: Nemacheilus binotatus (Smith, 1933 )

Common name: None

Synonyms: None

Distribution: Mekong, Chao Phraya and Mae Khlong basins in Thailand

Sexual Dimorphism: Not known

Maximum size: 2.5 Inches (6cm)

Similar to: Nemacheilus ornatus.

Care: The aquarium should have a decent flow rate and be well-oxygenated. A substrate of fine sand to allow digging and lots of smooth rounded pebbles and numerous shelters such as bogwood and slate. Reasonably bright lighting to simulate the shallow stream beds in which they are found.

Feeding: Most foods accepted. Commercial sinking formulations and bottom-dwelling live-foods. Frozen foods such as Bloodworm, Brine shrimp, Daphnia. Feeds on may-flies in the wild.

Water parameters: pH: 6.0-7.5 Hardness: Soft-medium Max dh: 12.

Temperature: 68ºF to 77 ºF (18-25°C)

Breeding: None reported in aquarium


Inhabits streams with medium to strong current over sandy or pebble substrate. Observed to form small groups as large as 20 individuals above the substrate and around large rocks. This sociability is unusual for the family, so several individuals should be kept together in aquaria.

Closely related to Nemacheilus ornatus. Both have translucent bodies with a black lateral stripe (depending upon mood). While N. binotatus has only two vertical hash marks above the pectoral fin, N. ornatus has 12-14 vertical hashes, regularly-spaced from gill to tail. All fins are clear and colorless.

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