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Niwaella delicata

by Emma Turner last modified Nov 27, 2008 10:18 PM



Niwaella delicata    

Scientific name: Niwaella delicata (Niwa, 1937)

Common name: Japanese Loach

Synonyms: Cobitis delicata                 

Distribution: Central Honshu, Japan.

Sexual Dimorphism: Unknown

Maximum size: 11cm (4.3")

Similar to: Numerous Cobitis species. Juveniles could be mistaken for some Pangio species.

Care: Niwaella delicata inhabit the middle and upper reaches of rivers, where the water is cool, clean and well-oxygenated. Although this species is seldom seen in the trade, a mature river tank type set up would serve the fish well if one was lucky enough to find some. The substrate should consist of fine sand with lots of smooth rounded pebbles and numerous shelters such as bogwood and slate. Please see The Specialists at Life in the Fast Lane for more detailed information.                  

Niwaella delicataFeeding: These loaches enjoy browsing on algae, likely for the micro-organisms which it contains. Therefore the tank should be mature with plenty of algae growth. Also offer sinking pellets/granules, algae wafers, good quality flake, and small frozen foods such as mosquito larvae, vitamin-enriched brineshrimp, and daphnia.

Water parameters: pH: 6.5 - 7.5. Hardness: medium. Max dh: 15.

Temperature: 68-75ºF (20-24°C)

Breeding: Unknown

Notes: These loaches are said to behave very peacefully in an aquarium situation, and at the same time are fairly bold, allowing much viewing pleasure for the aquarist. Markings are varied, and no two individuals share exactly the same patterns.


 Niwaella delicata


  Niwaella delicata




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