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Pangio anguillaris

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Pangio anguillaris

Scientific name: Pangio anguillaris (Vaillant, 1902)

Common name: Eel Loach, Eel Kuhli/Coolie.

Synonyms: Acantophthalmus anguillaris, Acanthophthalmus vermicularis

Distribution: Mekong/Chao Phraya basins, Malay Peninsula, Sumatra, Borneo

Sexual Dimorphism: Gravid females show abdominal area filled with roe.

Maximum size: 4 Inches (10.2cm)

Similar to: Pangio doriae

Care: All kuhlis need well-established aquaria and should not be considered for newly set up tanks. Lots of hiding places with soft substrate. This species are very active burrowers, even in gravel, but sand will be best to protect there delicate skin. Best kept in groups, the larger the better. Three fish is the absolute minimum that should be kept together.

Feeding: Easily fed. Accepts good quality flake, sinking pellets, thawed frozen bloodworm, Mysis shrimp, brine shrimp, etc.

Water parameters: pH:6-7. dH Range:5-12.

Temperature: 75ºF to 79ºF (24-26°C)

Breeding: None Reported.


The natural habitat of Pangio anguillaris consists of low current rivers with sand substrate and leaf-litter at the bottom and shoreline. A bottom-dwelling loach that lives over sand or silt substrates in debris and decaying vegetation, P. anguillaris spends much of its time buried in the sand or slowly foraging across the surface. They are known to burrow in the aquarium, provided suitable soft substrate.

Pangio anguillaris

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