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Pangio doriae

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Pangio doriae

Scientific name: Pangio doriae (Perugia, 1892)

Common name: Golden eel loach, Golden eel kuhli/coolie

Synonyms: Eucirrhichthys doriae

Distribution: Malay peninsula to Borneo

Sexual Dimorphism: Mature gravid females likely to show a rounder abdominal area filled with roe.

Maximum size: 4 inches (12cm)

Similar to: Pangio anguillaris

Care: The aquarium must be mature and have a soft sandy substrate in order for this species to burrow. P. doriae should be kept in groups of at least 5 specimens, and with plenty of shady areas and hiding places within the aquarium. It is not unusual to see this species forming a network of burrows beneath rocks, where they will congregate in social groups. They are often observed with just their heads poking out of the substrate. Keep only with other small peaceful fish species.

Feeding: Eagerly accepts most small aquarium fare, including sinking catfish pellets and smaller frozen foods such as mosquito larvae and daphnia.

Water parameters: pH: 6-7, dH Range: 5-12.

Temperature: 75ºF to 81ºF (24-27°C)

Breeding: Not yet accomplished in the aquarium.

Pangio doriae

P. doriae - pink variant
Photo credits: Emma Turner


The natural habitat of P. doriae is shallow slow-moving bodies of water which consist of a sand/silt substrate with much leaf-litter lining the banks. Natural geographic colour variations of this species exist.

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