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Botiine, slimmer body - Reticulated.

by Martin Thoene last modified Jul 25, 2007 08:14 AM

Bamboo cane, horizontal (no leaves)

Generally, a reticulated pattern is seen on Botiine loaches only once they are of a certain maturity. The juvenile patterns break up and join together to form the reticulated pattern. Adults of different species may look somewhat similar.

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Botia almorhae - heavily reticulated mature specimenBotia almorhae

Of all Botia species, this one changes most between juvenile and adult patterning. Adults may feature even more fine reticulation than the example shown.
Botia rostrata - Adult female
Botia rostrata
Botia unknown01 - 5" AdultBotia unknown01  "Emporer Botia"

This undescribed species is very rare in the hobby due to collection difficulties. Notable for yellow base color.
Botia histronicaBotia histrionica (on left)
Botia kubotai - Mixed pattern typesBotia kubotai

Good example of how different the same species can look.
Botia striataBotia striata

While B. striata essentially retain their stripe pattern, with age the stripes multiply and close up the spaces between each stripe group. This fish shows joining of the fine stripes, giving some reticulation.
Botia darioBotia dario

This species generally stays striped in its juvenile pattern throughout life. However, errant stripe patterns do occur and this example is a small young fish. Its markings may develop into an even more interesting pattern with maturity.

Bamboo cane, horizontal (no leaves)

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