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Sinibotia robusta

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Sinibotia robusta

Scientific name: Sinibotia robusta (Kottelat, 2004)

Common name: Chinese Golden Zebra loach, Kansu loach.

Synonyms: Botia robusta (Wu, 1939), Botia hexafurca

Distribution: China, Vietnam.

Sexual Dimorphism: Not known.

Maximum size: 3.5 inches (9 cm)

Similar to: None.

Care: This family of fish are sub-tropical and live throughout China in fast to medium flow streams, over a rock and gravel substrate. They therefore appreciate current in their aquarium, good aeration and filtration.

Feeding: Easy to feed. Eagerly accepts most brands of dry sinking catfish pellets, and good quality flake, but should be offered a variety of frozen foods to supplement the diet - bloodworm, mosquito larvae and brineshrimp are usually taken with much enthusiasm.

Water parameters: pH: 7.0- 7.8 . Hardness: Medium . Max dh: 12

Temperature: 68ºF to 75ºF (20-23.8°C)

Breeding: Not bred in aquaria.

Sinibotia robusta


Sinibotia robusta is distinguished by around 6 vertical bars, but these are highly variable and become bifurcated at their lower ends to form a sort of saw-tooth pattern. This may be short bifurcation, or almost double the bars by breaking up the original pattern. The stripes gradually split as the fish matures.

The head is typically elongate like other Sinibotia, but the species lacks the long, serpentine body of other members of the family and is a more compact fish.

They like to hide under rocks, so their aquarium should be furnished with lots of large pebbles and flat pieces of slate or other inert rock to provide multiple places for the fish to hide and provide security.

Unlike the generally peaceful demeanour of other Sinibotia, this species is much more feisty and care should be taken when choosing tank mates. They should be swift and robust.

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