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Pangio cf. anguillaris

by Martin Thoene last modified Oct 27, 2007 01:33 PM
By: Emma Turner


Pangio cf. anguillaris

Scientific name: Pangio cf. anguillaris

Common name: Brown Eel Kuhli Loach

Synonyms: None

Distribution: Unknown

Sexual Dimorphism: Gravid females appear fuller bellied.

Maximum size: Approx. 4" (10cm)

Similar to: Pangio anguillaris, Pangio doriae

Care: This social species should only be added to mature aquaria. Ideally the tank will have a substrate of soft sand which will protect the skin and sensory barbels, and enable these loaches to burrow. They do tend to dig out areas underneath rocks, so ensure that any structures are secure. A really gregarious species, Brown Eel Kuhli Loaches should be maintained in large groups. Three would be considered the absolute bare minimum, but groups of 6+ are best. These fish have actually been observed congregating in huge shoals (or 'knots') underneath rocks during the evening time, so if the space is available, keeping a group of more than 20 makes for very interesting viewing. The tank should contain plenty of live plants and have a gentle water current. Frequent partial water changes will help to keep these fish in tip-top condition.

Pangio cf. anguillaris - Head closeupFeeding: Sinking catfish pellets, sinking granular foods, flake/crisps (add with your fingers underwater to ensure these sink), frozen foods such as mosquito larvae, daphnia and cyclops. May also nibble at algae wafers.

Water parameters: pH: 6.0-7.0. Hardness: Soft-medium. Max dh: 12.

Temperature: 75ºF to 79ºF (24-26°C)

Breeding: To date, this species has not been bred in the home aquarium.


This species was first imported during June 2007 and erroneously labelled as Pangio cf. piperata. It is clearly closer to that of Pangio anguillaris, and so, for now, we will refer to it as Pangio cf. anguillaris until more is known. The lateral stripe is considerably darker and more defined in this species than regular P. anguillaris.

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