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Botiine, slimmer body, striped - no lateral stripe.

by Martin Thoene last modified Dec 18, 2008 10:13 AM


Bamboo cane, horizontal (no leaves)

Botiine loaches with vertical stripe patterns can be very variable at different stages of their lives, so the pictures here may not match exactly a fish you have, or fish you have seen. Click on the name of the one that looks closest as the Species Profile contains numerous photos of fish at different ages and links to articles discussing these changes in detail.

Generally, most pictures here of young fish as this is what are most regularly available.


 Botia unknown01 - Juvenile  Botia udomritthiruji

This recently described (5th October 2007) species notable for its yellow base color. Known as the Emporer Botia.
 Botia dario  Botia dario

Stripes are generaly dark brown on a yellowish base, and they lean forwards.
 Botia striata
 Botia striata

The Zebra Botia

Fine stripes, arranged in groups with wider base color stripes between them.
 Botia almorhae - young specimen showing the Y-O-Y-O pattern  Botia almorhae

Known as the "Yoyo Loach" because of distinctive juvenile pattern.
 Botia rostrata
 Botia rostrata

Stripes often have grayer areas in centre. Tiny youngsters have more solid stripes.
 Botia kubotai, juvenile  Botia kubotai, juvenile

Note the way the stripe spreads along the lateral line area. Black stripes may contain white/blue to sky blue spots and these increase in number as the fish grows. This is one variation on young kubotai.
 Botia histronica
 Botia histrionica

Notable for generally having very strongly defined stripes.
 Botia unknown03 (Botia sp.aff. rostrata)
 Botia sp. aff rostrata

Possible a regional variation of B. rostrata, but has certain characteristics that lead the belief that it may be an undescribed species.
 Sinibotia robusta  Sinibotia robusta

This species has a somewhat long nose and bottom of stripes are often bifurcated to give a "saw-tooth" pattern.


Bamboo cane, horizontal (no leaves)


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