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Schistura carbonaria

by Martin Thoene last modified Sep 03, 2007 12:58 AM
By: Graeme Robson


Scientific name: Schistura carbonaria (Freyhof & Serov, 2001)Schistura carbonaria

Common name: Schistura sp. 'Danang' Or Vietnamese Banded Sumo Loach

Synonyms: None

Distribution:  River Ve, Thra Kuc Huong, River Thu Bon and River Quang Tri which drain to the Vietnamese coast, VIETNAM.

Sexual Dimorphism: None reported

Maximum size: 3.5 inches (9 cm)

Similar to: Schistura spilota, Schistura obeini

Schistura carbonariaCare:  As with other species of Schistura, this is a territorial species that should be provided with numerous hiding places amongst bogwood, plants, rocky caves and cobbles. When keeping more than one specimen it is important to create visual barriers between each hiding place. Ideally, these loaches should be provided with brook/hillstream aquarium conditions incorporating a high flow rate and well oxygenated water - please see  Hillstream Loaches: Specialists at Life in the Fast Lane for a more detailed explanation. Collected in medium sized rivers in highest abundance in riffles with rocks and gravel substratum and high water velocities.

Feeding: Will eagerly accept most aquarium fare offered - sinking catfish pellets, flake, frozen foods such as mosquito larvae, brineshrimp, Daphnia etc.

Water parameters: Well oxygenated. pH: 6-7.5, Hardness: soft and slightly acidic is best. Max dh: 12.

Temperature: 60ºF to 77ºF (16-25°C)

Breeding: None reported

Schistura carbonaria


Dorsal spines (total): 0 - 0; Dorsal soft rays (total): 13 - 13; Anal spines: 0; Anal soft rays: 9. 6-10 regular dark bars on body; head without pattern; predorsal bars not meeting their homologues on back in most specimens; predorsal and dorsal part of the body darker in nearly half grown and adult specimens; posterior bars regularly shaped, not dissociated; black bar at caudal fin base complete; inner rostral barbel reaching base of maxillary barbel, a median incision in upper lip in most specimens; processus dentiformis short and broad; intestine with a wide loop, anteriorly reaching to stomach; long dorsal crests on caudal peduncle; lateral line complete, reaching behind anal fin base.

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